connects to: Parallel Port
The Audiomaster is a simple stereo 8bit sound sampler which plugs into the parallel port. It has two trim-pots, one for each channel on top of the unit as well as two female RCA connectors on the right hand side of the unit. This sampler was designed for the A1000 and so the gender is reversed compared to every other model of Amiga. A gender changer will be required to use it with any Amiga other than an A1000. The all aluminum case comes in two halves that are held together by one centre screw at the top and bottom edge. It's 3/4" thick and 4 13/16 inches high and 2 25/32 inches wide. The first audio jack is 1 1/2 inches on centre from the top and the second one is another 3/4 inches on center below that. The pots are 1/2 inch down on the front side (facing over the case) and 13/16 inches on center from the left to the left pot and the another 7/8 inches on center (1 11/16 total). The bottom of the 23-pin port is approximately 3/8 inches up.
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