Deb 2000
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DEB 2000 and related paraphernalia
DEB 2000 main PCB and video slot
Image of DEB 2000, main PCB
- 1917 x 678, 298K
Image of flickerfixer plate
- 1170 x 1276, 224K
Image of backplate
- 2010 x 744, 182K
Image of chip puller
- 1326 x 1032, 179K
Zorro II: None
Zorro III: None
ISA: None
PCI: None
Video Slots: 1 (OCS/ECS type)
Other: None

The DEB 2000 stands for Denise Extender Board and is a means of expanding the number of video slots in your Amiga. It's primarily intended for use with A2000s that have a socketed denise, although it can be used in other models of Amiga with a socketed denise such as the A500, it's up to the user's creative skills to figure out a way to mount it. Please note however that the video slot was primarily designed to be used with Microway's flicker fixer and not intended to support all cards which use the video slot because not all signals are present. Therefore other cards may, or may not work with the device. The DEB 2000 comes in two sections linked by a ribbon cable. The first part is mount in the denise socket, whilst the video slot itself is mounted near the Zorro II/ISA slots in the A2000. The DEB 2000 may cover the Agnus slot slightly. Due to clearance levels you can use the DEB 2000 with the Mini Megi Chip or MegAChip, you may need an additional socket.

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