Rev 4.0, Front
Rev 4.0, Back
Rev 4.02, Front
Rev 4.02, Back
Rev 5.02, Front
Rev 5.02, Back
Hi Res Version, Rev 4.0 Front
- 1760 x 1168, 508K
Hi Res Version, Rev 4.0 Back
- 1754 x 964, 370K
Hi Res Version, Rev 4.02 Front
- 2000 x 1443, 231K
Hi Res Version, Rev 4.02 Back
- 2000 x 1443, 243K
Hi Res Version, Rev 5.02 Front
- 2000 x 1276, 297K
Hi Res Version, Rev 5.02 Back
- 2000 x 1323, 343K
Image of adaptor
- 1260 x 742, 221K
Zorro II: 5
Zorro III: None
ISA: 3 or 4 x 16bit (3 inline) (Non Active)
PCI: None
Video Slots: None or 1 (inline) (AGA Type)
Other: A1200 style trapdoor connector

A busboard designed for A1200's towered with an appropriate tower kit such as the Micronik Infinitiv. Depending on the version of the board it may also have a combination of PCMCIA connector, 72pin SIMM slots, video slot and integrated keyboard adaptor. Not all versions of this busboard have those features. To use the Video Slot may require the use of the video slot enabler. It clips over the top of various chips on the A1200 motherboard, at the following locations, U30, U7, U8. In order to use an accelerator card with this busboard, the turbo jumper must be closed.

Jumper Table Micronik Z2i - Frontside
Upper Left
(REV 4.02 and REV5.02)
2 Pins GND * +12V
Upper Left
(REV4.02 only)
4+1 Pins Keyboard Cable Connector (Don't know for what cable.)
Above the
Power Connector
2+5 Pins

2+2 Pins
unused * RESET1 - RESET1 * unused * unused * TURBO2 * TURBO2

Power Connector
(REV 4.02 and REV5.02)
8 Pins GND * GND * GND * +5V * +5V * -5V * +12V * -12V
1) To connect the reset button of a tower case.
2) Close for use with an A1200 accelerator board.
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