Mediator PCI 4000D
 connects to: Other
Closeup of Busboard
- 1024 x 768, 165K
Zorro II: None
Zorro III: 7 (1 is reserved for bridgeboard)
ISA: None
PCI: 6 (Active, 2.1 compliant, 33Mhz, 1 is reserved for bridgeboard)
Video Slots: 1 (inline) (AGA type)
Other: None

The Mediator 4000D is designed to be used with desktop A4000's which have been towered in an A/BOX 4000 or a Power Tower. For non towered desktop A4000's, please see the Mediator 4000Di. It comes in two sections, the first section being the busboard itself whilst the second section is a bridgeboard called the Mediator PCI 4000 which connects to both a Zorro III slot and a PCI slot effectively making them active.


Jumper Open Closed
Master Use SharkPPC (unreleased) as the computer busmaster Use Amiga's processor as the busmaster
WinSize PCI Memory Space is within a 256MB Zorro III boundary (Default) PCI Memory Space is within a 512MB Zorro III boundary (needed for Voodoo 4 & 5)
Swap Config PCI I/O configured before PCI Memory (use with PCI graphics cards) PCI Memory configured before PCI I/O (use with Zorro graphics cards)

PCI Features

  • 33MHz PCI clock (66MHz with the as yet unreleased SharkPPC)
  • PCI transfers up to 132MB/sec (33Mhz), 264MB/sec (66Mhz)
  • 4GB PCI memory space, accessed through a 512MB window in Zorro III address space
  • Busmastering/DMA in all PCI slots
  • Can use the SDRAM/SGRAM of a PCI graphics card as a DMA buffer
  • Address and data parity control support
  • Interrupt controller (4 lines to each PCI card)

At the time of writing, drivers exist for the following cards & chipsets:

Graphics Cards Voodoo3 2000
Voodoo3 2000
Voodoo 3 3000
Voodoo 4 4500
Voodoo 5 5500
ViRGE 86C325 chipset
ViRGE/DX 86C375 chipset
Network Cards Compex RL2000
Holtek HT80232
Holtek HT80229
NetVin NV5000SC
Realtek RTL 8029 chipset
SureCom NE34
VIA 86C926 chipset
Winbond 89C940F chipset
Realtek RTL8139B chipset
Realtek RTL 8139C chipset
Realtek RTL 8139D chipset
TV / Capture Cards Brooktree BT 848A chipset
Brooktree BT 849A chipset
Brooktree BT 878A chipset
Fusion 878A chipset
Fusion 879A chipset
Sound Cards CT 5880 chipset
ES 1370 chipset
ES 1371 chipset
ES 1373 chipset
EV 1938 chipset
Mixers EMU10K1 chipset
EMU10K2 chipset
ForteMedia 801 chipset
USB Cards Spider
Spider II
MPEG-2 / DVD Decoders EM 8300 chipset
EM 8400 chipset

For a more specific list, please see Elbox

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