Shuttleboard 2000 tower and manual
Tower installed with A500
Zorro II busboard
Zorro II busboard
Zorro II busboard
A 500 ports in tower
Tower side
Tower front
Running system
Hi Res version, Tower side
- 1597 x 1198, 181K
Hi Res version, Tower front
- 1597 x 1198, 160K
Hi Res version, Running system
- 1597 x 1198, 250K


Zorro II: 5  
Zorro III: None  
ISA: 4 x 16bit (2 inline)
PCI: None  
Video Slots: 1 (OCS/ECS Type)
Other: CPU Fast Slot (A2000 Style)

The shuttleboards were one of the first Zorro II busboards available for the A500 if not the first. The basic board consisted of a large PCB containing Zorro II slots which was connected to the side expansion slot of the A500. The board was also connected via ribbon cables to the Denise, Paula and Gary chips which was necessary for the functioning video and CPU fast slot. An additional power supply was needed to power the busboard as the standard A500 power supply was not sufficient. The board was highly compatible with most Zorro II cards which stood vertically up from the board. The downside was that the whole PCB was open-air and not contained in any form of case which would have provided protection. Later on Eagle also produced tower solutions to house both the A500 and its busboard. Apparently a connector for attaching a PC (large 5pin DIN) keyboard was also on the board.


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