TowerHawk 1200 II ex
 connects to: Other
Dimensions: Unknown
3.5" Bays: 3 (2 with faceplates)
5.25" Bays: 6 (6 with faceplates)
PSU: ATX 230 watt

A tower designed to house an A1200 motherboard. An optional busboard called the Onboard 1200ex was also available for this tower that supplied the A1200 with Zorro II slots. Note, this tower requires revision 2.0 of the busboard. These could be converted to Zorro III slots if an A3000/A4000 accelerator was fitted to the busboard. An external keyboard interface was supplied (large 5pin DIN) which is compatible with both PC and Amiga keyboards. The tower actually allows you to use the standby feature supported by ATX PSUs. Pressing certain key combinations on the keyboard can switch the Amiga on and off.

For Amiga keyboards: Shift + L_Amiga + R_Amiga + Del
For Windows PC keyboards: L_Shift + L_CTRL + R_Windows + Insert
For Non Windows PC Keyboards: L_Shift + L_CTRL + R_CTRL + Del

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