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The HQ550 was developed by Checkmate Digital Ltd as a successor to the Checkmate 1500 and distributed by Innovatronics. It was designed by Steve Jones and James Campbell. 

Dimensions: Unknown
3.5" Bays: Unknown
5.25" Bays: Unknown
PSU: Adapted PC power supply

The HQ500 was a tower designed to house an A500 motherboard and a busboard (unknown which). The busboard contained 4 x Zorro II slots, 2 x 16 bit ISA slots (non active), 1 x 8 bit ISA slot (non active), 1 x Video Slot (OCS/ECS style) and a pass thru for the A500 side expansion slot. Only approximately 50 units were ever made with probably only a handful left in existence. The tower unit weighs about 23Kg. On the busboard are the words "Dedicated to Susie, Chris Heavs & Bridget for their patience". A long delay in development time and the small number of units made, means this unit may still have some bugs (for example timing problems with some accelerators) however it's been reported to work fine with such things as the Video Toaster.


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