Amiga 4000TX Tower-minator
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Picture showing the front of the case
Picture showing the front top part of the case
Picture showing the inside of the case from the side
Picture showing the chrome effect of the rear of the case
Picture showing the luminescent front panel

Dimensions: Unknown
3.5" Bays:5 (1 reserved for floppy drive)
5.25" Bays: 5 (4 with faceplates)
PSU: Unknown

This has to be one of the coolest looking towers ever made for the Amiga. Only about 200 of these towers were ever made and only a few of those got the luminescent panels. The A4000 motherboard is actually mounted on a tray for easy access and uses the A4000's standard busboard which is mounted at right angles to the motherboard. There were plans to make an adaptor to allow the busboard to run parallel with the motherboard, but this never happened.

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