Personal TBC III (VT-2500)
 connects to: ISA
Personal TBC III
Personal TBC III with RC-2000
The Personal TBC III is a single channel, infinite window time base corrector which plugs into an ISA slot. It doesn't require active ISA slots as it only uses them for power. The card supports daisy chaining up to four TBCs and a vector scope wave monitor so that all units can be controlled via the serial connection. The card has a BNC Video Out connector, BNC Video In, BNC Timing Out, BNC Timing In and a phone jack style serial connector as well as an onboard serial pin header. The card was usually supplied with software simply called TBC with V4.0 being the latest. An external remote controller called the RC-2000, and an external enclosure were also available for this TBC. This card may be NTSC only, with no PAL version available.


ID (1-4): Sets the unique ID if multiple cards are daisy chained.

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