Elbox 1230-II
 connects to: Trapdoor Slot (A1200)

Processor: EC030 @ 40Mhz
FPU: Optional 68882@40Mhz (PLCC)
MMU: None built into the 030, but apparently an external MMU is fitted.
Max Ram: 32MB supporting burst mode up to 60MB/sec (64MB if a second SIMM slot is fitted)
Ram Type: 1 x 72pin SIMM slot, or 2 x 72pin SIMMs slots if an optional second slot is fitted. (Supports EDO and FPM)
SCSI-II: Optional

The card also has a wait state jumper which can be used to select 60ns RAM speed or lower, or 70ns speed. Like all Amiga peripherals which accept 72pin SIMMs, parity SIMMs can also be used. The extra parity bits are just ignored.


RAM>Fast RAM OffFast RAM On
SCSIAutoboot OffAutoboot On
WAIT60ns RAM or less70ns RAM

If you change any of the switches then you need to perform a reboot.

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