Amiga Digital Audio Card
 connects to: Zorro III

AHI: Yes (had the card been released)
Other: No

A full length Zorro III sound card, with 20bit audio, 4 channel output and balanced line input. Unfortunately this card was never released to the public.


Sampling Rates : 32000, 44100, 48000, 51200 Hertz
(128 times oversampling on all inputs; other rates 16..53 KHz to order)
Analogue Resolution : 16/18/20 bits (configurable inputs)
16/20 bits (outputs, pair switchable)
Typical Signal/Noise Ratio. A weighted output : 113 dB
Line Input sensitivity : +/- 3.1 Volts (+12 dB) maximum; other sensitivities to order
Channel Separation @ 1 KHz : 101 dB minimum, 115 dB typical.
Dynamic Range : 121 dB maximum (20 bit digital data)


Silicon Studio DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATION HARDWARE (from their website)

This page describes the recommended hardware configuration for a full Silicon Studio digital multitracking system. Other configurations are possible, especially if you wish to expand an existing Amiga to 20 bit audio support by adding one or more of our four channel Zorro 3 cards, and custom-built systems remain our speciality.

Main Unit

Amiga 4000 Tower, contains all drives (hard disk, CD, HD Floppy, DAT) Digital audio converters, processors and parallel printer, serial/MIDI, video and SCSI peripheral interfaces.

N.B. New Zorro 3 compatible hardware is now becoming available and will be tested with our digital audio cards as soon as possible. If in doubt, please contact us for more information. Silicon Studio hardware can be set up to work, but is not recommended for use in desktop A3000 systems because of the limitations of the power supply in that Amiga configuration.

External Units

Display monitor, controllers (tablets, mice etc.), optional laser or inkjet printer and up to 4 external SCSI 2 drives of any type.

Patch Panel

2U 19 inch rack, Neutrik/Deltron balanced XLRs recommended for systems with over 8 input/output channels. A suitable patch panel is available from Silicon Studio Limited, with cables to connect it to the digital audio cards.


* XC68040 or XC68060 central processor (the faster the better)
* At least 14 Megabytes of system RAM, internally expandable to 146 Mb.
* Four or eight audio input and output channels (4 per Zorro-3 slot) internally expandable to 24 channels in 6 Zorro-3 slots (e.g. MicroniK tower).
* Interfaces for SMPTE and MIDI time code input and output (optional).
* At least 2 Gb fast hard disk for data, internally expandable beyond 20 Gb.
* 2 Gb SCSI-2 DAT drive for multi-track archiving and retrieval, or SCSI-2 CD-R or CD-RW for stereo audio and multitrack backup
* Up to five control devices: Keyboard, tablets, mice, trackballs etc.
* 24 bit Multisync Colour Monitor, at least 14" diagonal; larger on request.
* Further expansion is possible through main processor, converter and 'virtual rack' system upgrades - this one will run and run!

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