Delfina DSP Plus
 connects to: Zorro II

AHI: Yes
Other: No

The Delfina Plus is designed as a much improved version of the Delfina DSP Lite. The largest differences is the use of a Motorola 56002 DSP clocked at 74Mhz (instead of 40Mhz) which means an increase in performance of up to three times, without any increase in load on the Amiga. The card uses a Crystal CS4231A codec with 96K of 12ns SRAM capable of sampling at up to 48Khz in 16bit. The card is full duplex.


2 x Stereo RCA inputs
1 x Stereo RCA output
1 x Internal connector for CD-ROM audio
1 x Expansion connector for MIDI-capable serial port and 24bit SPDIF connector

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