Delfina DSP Lite
 connects to: Zorro II

AHI: Yes
Other: No

The Delfina Lite is based on the Delfina DSP, the world's first general use multi functional DSP audio card for Amiga. The Delfina Lite does not include the serial and parallel ports that the original Delfina DSP has, not does it have the ability to expand the onboard SRAM, however it does have additional sound outputs and an expansion port. The card contains a Motorola 56002 DSP clocked at 40Mhz for producing real-time sound effects. An optional 24bit SPDIF option may also be available for this card. The card uses a Crystal CS4231A codec with 96K of 12ns SRAM capable of sampling at up to 48Khz in 16bit.


2 x Stereo RCA inputs
1 x Stereo RCA output
1 x Internal CD-ROM audio connector
1 x Expansion connector for MIDI capable serial port and 24bit SPDIF digital connector.