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Image of the ProMP3 Prototype
Image of the ProMP3 (SN 001) attached to an Ariadne II
Image of the ProMP3 (SN 002)

The ProMP3 is a hardware MP3 decoder which uses the MAS3507 chip which is intended to be used with the clock-port interfaces as found on the A1200. The hardware consists of two parts. One of the boards holds all the digital electronics, interface logic and voltage supply. This board connects directly to the clock-port. Via a flat ribbon cable the second board is connected, holding the decoder chip, D/A converter and analogue electronics including the audio jack This is intended to be either mounted on a slot cover or into the expansion space at the back of an A1200. The currently used decoder chip does not need any initialisation. It accepts mp3 bitstreams right from power up. However, future versions of the same chip will need initialisation via an I²C serial bus. One disadvantage of this design is that mp3 audio and Amiga audio output have to be mixed and/or switched externally, as the outputs are physically separate. The ProMP3 can also be attached to the I/O connectors of the Ariadne II. via an adaptor.

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