Melody CDTV
 connects to: Other

AHI: Yes (had it ever been released)
Other: No

The Melody CDTV was designed for the CDTV and was largely based around the Melody 1200 Pro. Unfortunately it appears that this device was never released to the public. The analogue output module of the CDTV is removed and CDTV's onbord logic and parts are used, no mechanical changes to the housing are required. This allows the original RCA outputs of the CDTV to produce both the native Amiga sound, as well as sound from the melody. The Melody CDTV makes uses of the same 18/16bit DA-Converter that is used on the Melody Z2, but without 20bit resolution. The CDTV's native audio, as well as CDROM audio are mixed with the audio from the Melody. The Melody CDTV does not support hardware MPEG decoding that other versions of the Melody support. The early versions of the card were activated by booting from a CD, but there were plans to offer upgraded CDTV ROMs to contain the software for driving the Melody.