Delfina Flipper
 connects to: Zorro II, PCI
Hi Res Version, Front
- 1740 x 748, 307K
Hi Res Version, Back
- 1694 x 726, 228K
AHI: Yes
Other: No

The Delfina flipper is developed in cooperation with the developer team of Petsoff in Finland and Individual Computers. Individual computers licensed the original hardware design from Petsoff and improved upon it. The Delfina flipper comes on two boards, the first board is the sound card itself, whist the second is the flipper interface card. The flipper card allows the Delfina to be used in a Zorro II slot or in a PCI slot such as those on PCI busboards or even in a Pegasos. It can also use the clock port in the A1200. It offers all the features of the Delfina Plus, and more. The card contains a fast 67.73Mhz (prototype versions were 73.7Mhz but suffered from heat problems) Motorola DSP (56002) which 96Kb of 12ns SRAM that is capable of 220 MOPS. Sound playback is via a 16bit 48Khz codec. Early prototype versions of the card required frequencies other than 48Mhz, 44.1Khz and 32Khz to be played back by re-sampling however this is not required on the release version due to an updated CS4321A codec. This sound card is capable of playing more AHI channels than any other Amiga sound card, partly due to the redesigned Zorro II interface compared to earlier versions of the board which has nearly doubled the performance. As mentioned, the card can also be connected to the clock-port in an A1200, however a towered A1200 is highly recommended because the physical dimensions of the card do not allow proper mounting of the card in a standard A1200 case. The A1200 clockport cannot reach the performance of the Zorro II bus, however it is still enough to playback several AHI channels and of course playback MP3 files. For connection to the A1200's clock port an optional connection kit is required.

(Note: Connections may vary between cards)

2 x RCA Connectors
5 x 4 pin headers
1 x MIDI IN (if flipper interface is used)
1 x MIDI OUT (if flipper interface is used)
1 x SPDIF connector (if flipper interface is used)

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