Sound Stage
 connects to: Zorro III
Sound Stage Pro

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The SoundStage is a full length Zorro III 16bit audio card for the Amiga. Unfortunately, because there are no AHI drivers available for this card, it cannot be used as a general purpose sound card. It was designed to work with the professional video production card called the Broadcaster Elite 32. It contains a Texas Instruments TMS32C30 DSP capable of 20MIPS and 40MFlops and can have to 4MB of SRAM for holding sampler data, but was usually sold with either 0K, 512K or 1MB of SRAM. It has 16 internal 16bit audio channels (with 2MB of SRAM) and is capable of sampling at 32Khz, 44.1Khz or 48Khz. The card has hardware support for real-time volume enveloping without rendering, real-time pan control which can make the sample sound as if it was coming from anywhere in the room and audio effects such as compression, noise grating and reverb. The Sound Stage is also capable of serving as a rendering accelerator making rendering times up to 10 times faster than a basic A4000, and performing complex video effects sich as 3D page turns. A 20Bit (instead of 16bit) version of this card was produced called the Sound Stage Pro.


2 x Balanced XLR analogue inputs
1 x Stereo Pair digital inputs (AES/EBU format)
4 x Balanced XLR analogue outputs (surround sound capable)
1 x Stereo Pair digital outputs (AES/EBU format)

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