The special A1200 backplate
The special A1200 backplate for towered A1200s

AHI: Yes
Other: Unknown

The Prelude 1200 is the A1200 version of the original Prelude and is designed to connect to the clock-port of the A1200. For desktop A1200's, the prelude has a special backplate designed to fit the rear of the A1200 containing all the connectors. It has three stereo inputs and a single stereo output connector. It also contains an internal CD-ROM connector for passing the CD-ROM audio to the sound card as well as being able to pass-thru the Amiga's native audio. Prelude uses the CS4231A sound processor and DSP capable of playing ALaw, uLaw, 8bit, 16bit and ADPCM encodings. The Prelude contains a onboard amplifier for the microphone input and is capable of sampling at rates of 8Khz up to 64Khz. The hardware is almost entirely compatible with the Zorro II version of this card, so in most cases the same drivers can be used.

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