First Edition '91
 connects to: Side Expansion Slot
Image of Case Side 1
- 1248 x 582, 31K
Image of Case Side 2
- 1138 x 878, 42K
Image of Case Top
- 1000 x 546, 23K
Image Inside
- 1280 x 810, 103K
Image of Inside with HD
- 1280 x 456, 49K
Image of Inside with HD 2
- 1072 x 596, 65K
Hi Res Version, PCB
- 2000 x 1799, 290K
A SCSI hard disk controller for the A500/+ which connects to the side expansion slot. A hard disk can be mounted inside the unit by a single 50pin SCSI connector. Two autoboot ROMS are also on the card. It probably even works under Kickstart 1.2 although it's unlikely to use the Commodore RDB standard. By default it was supplied with a 52MB Quantum disk. This unit appears to be identical to the JK SCSI from Jürgen Kommos.
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