Synthesis (500)
 connects to: Side Expansion Slot
Open 2
Open 3
Bottom back
Hi Res version, Left
- 3036 x 2012, 1,117K
Hi Res version, Top
- 1772 x 2996, 1,166K
Hi Res version, Right
- 3176 x 1180, 671K
Hi Res version, Rear
- 2940 x 1992, 965K
Hi Res version, Open
- 960 x 1280, 161K
Hi Res version, Open 2
- 1280 x 960, 163K
Hi Res version, Open 3
- 1280 x 960, 169K
Hi Res version, Bottom
- 960 x 1280, 143K
Hi Res version, Bottom back
- 960 x 1280, 156K

SCSI Conroller and memory expansion which plugs into the A500/A500+ expansion slot (possibly A1000 too). This controller is not DMA, but came with either an 80MB or 170MB Quantum SCSI HD.

In the attached pictures of the opened case:
The hd must be fix over the pcb with 1 vertical long screw (on the left) and 2 lateral horizontal screw (on the right).
The hd that you see in photo is not the original.
It's installed with 8Mb (with 16zip 20pin) on sockets.
On the rear (external) you see the: db25 scsi connector, 1 din connector (for external power-supply...not necessary because it gets power from Amiga) and 2 selectors (to switch ram on/off and controller hd on/off).

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