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This is a WD33C93-based SCSI Controller sidecar unit for the A500 which connects to the A500 side expansion slot. It was being sold prior to Kickstart 1.3 becoming available.

With the Autoboot/Memory card, it provides up to 2MB of additional FastRAM and Autoboot under Kickstart 1.3 and higher.  The memory type for the memory board was 1Mbit X 1, with 16 chips needed.  It has an external power supply, and a game switch which disables only the Autoboot ROM for compatibility with old games. It was discontinued at the introduction of the Series II SCSI product line.

Performance and functionality are identical to the GVP Impact A2000 SCSI+RAM 2/0, or the A2000 HC2 products.

This unit can be upgraded with the FastROM v3.x driver.


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