A speculated-on product that may have been conceptualized as a full length Zorro III 32bit FAST SCSI-2 controller which provided an internal 50pin connector and an external DB25 connector. It may have had enough space on the card to mount a 1" hard drive, and many 72pin SIMM sockets for a maximum of 256MB of additional RAM.

No board of this type was produced by GVP, although a SCSI controller, based upon the 53C7xx family and the use of 72-pin SIMMs, appeared on some of the the GVP A3000/A4000 T-REX I/II, A2000 TekMagic, and later/related QuikPak accelerator products.  

Editor Comment: The space taken up by 8x 72-pin SIMMs (on angle to not intrude on other slots/components), and a 3.5" SCSI disk (mounted to the rear of the card), would have left very little real estate on the PCB for the 1) memory controller IC (i.e. a RAMSEY-sized chip), 2) SCSI Controller IC (likely the 53C710 on the A4000T), 3) a Boot ROM (possibly a PLCC-type), then the many details: jumpers, 2x SCSI connectors, active termination solution, and 74-series surface-mount bus-buffers (required to be placed along the Zorro II/III slot-card edge).  This is without the use of both sides of the PCB - which was not common practice in the pre-1994 era.  When this PCB manufacturing technology appeared, it was a higher cost to manufacture effort, and only began in the later 1990's.

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