GVP Impact SCSI+RAM 1/0
 connects to: Zorro II
Hi Res Version
- 1774 x 702, 409K

This is the original GVP Impact (Series I) disk controller and RAM expansion technology. It was one of the first hard disk controllers for the Amiga 2000.  It is based upon a Western Digitial 33C93 8-bit SCSI controller that can transfer data to/from an onboard 4K SRAM buffer, which is then serviced by the CPU.  The board has an internal 50-pin SCSI header, and an external DB25 interface.  SCSI bus termination resistor packs are soldered in.  It supports 256x1 DIP RAM of 100ns or better for memory expansion in groups of 16 pieces in 512M steps.  GVP 1.0, 2.0, and FastROM 3.x is supported for Autoboot under Kickstart 1.3 and higher.  

There are jumpers for Autoboot (ROM) disable, 0M/512K/1M RAM settings, and for the HDD LED.  All others jumpers are reserved.  There were several PAL updates to address noise issues, including one revision that removed the 512M memory selection setting.  This product was soon superseded by the SCSI+RAM 2/0 (256x4 DRAM) product.

History: Updated versions of this product technology became the popular GVP Impact HC & GVP Impact HC+2 hard cards, and the non-hardcard GVP Impact SCSI+RAM 2/0 and SCSI+RAM 8/0 products.  They all featured a larger 16K SRAM buffer, and the 33C93/33C93A 8-bit SCSI controller clocked at the Amiga's 7Mhz clock rate.

This boards is supported by the FastROM 3.x driver upgrade available for download at the driver writer's website.

Page contributors: Esa Haapaniemi, Gary Danko, Robert Miranda (GVP Tech Support)
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