The GVP A1291 is a SCSI module designed for use with the GVP A1230+ JAWS-II accelerator. It offers an external DB25 SCSI connector.  It supports Sync SCSI communications when configued with used with devices that are capable of Sync negotiation.  The FastPrep 2.51 and GVPSCSICtrl support tools provide the means to configure and enable the best performance.

The driver for this product is gvpscsi.device v5.x, with the latest image available on the support website along with disk images available for download.  These tools are not interchangable with the v3.x/4.x gvpscsi.device tools from the Series II products, nor is it compatible with the GuruROM V6 3rd-party upgrade product.


Page contributors: NicDouille, Robert Miranda (GVP Tech Support)
Updated: 5/1/2019 . Added: 12/22/2004