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SCSI-TV installs easily in the expansion port accessible at the rear of the CDTV or A570, without opening the case. A 2.5 inch Quantum GO drive may be mounted on the SCSI-TV circuit board and an external connector can connect to hard drives, scanners, and tape backups, to a total of seven devices.

SCSI-TV supports the Amiga AUTOCONFIG(TM) standard, providing autobooting capability with Rigid Disk Block support, as well as the SCSI-direct protocol allowing many backup programs to use SCSI tape drives. True DMA allows for fast data transfer rates and low CPU overhead

Dimensions: Width 3.1 inches, Length 6.25 inches
SCSI-TV for the CDTV protrudes 1.75 inches out the back of the CDTV, and includes a black endcap for the unit. SCSI-TV/570 for the A570 extends approximately 5 inches out the back of the A570, and includes a white end cap for the unit to match the A570.

Power consumption:
SCSI-TV alone draws about 12 milliamps, a GO-drive will draw a maximum of about one Amp on startup and about half that during operation.
Typical for Quantum 2.5" GO-drive:
Idle       1.65 Watts (0.33 Amps)
Running    2.20 Watts (0.44 Amps)
Spinup     5.50 Watts (0.90 Amps)

50-pin internal and 25-pin external connectors.
The internal connector is a 2mm connector after passing through a 0.1 inch IDC header.
The external connector is a standard female DB-25.

An FAQ for this board can be found on Amitrix's website.

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