Insider A500
 connects to: CPU Socket
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Hi Res Version, Front
- 1200 x 990, 331K
Hi Res Version, Back
- 1200 x 989, 275K


Max Ram: 1.5MB
Ram Type: Socketed DRAM Chips (1X32 MCM6256BP10 16pin DIP)
RTC: Yes
Connection: A500/+ and A2000 CPU Socket

This card was one of the first RAM cards offered as an alternative to Commodores A501 for the A500. The card works in both the A500 series and the A2000 series of machines. A clip is attached from J1 on the card to one of the pins on the ROM. The card plugs into the 68000 socket and the 68000 is plugged onto the card providing you with an additional 1.5MB of RAM. Depending on your Agnus configuration, some of the RAM may be configured as additional CHIP memory, with the rest being added as FAST.


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