connects to: Side Expansion Slot


Max Ram: 2MB
Ram Type: Unknown
FPU: None
RTC: None
Connection: A500/+, A1000 Side Expansion slot

This unit was available in three versions contain 1/2 MB, 1MB or 2MB.

From Richard M. Parrill, Former North American Production Manager and former North American Sales Manager:

The type of chips that we used was bleeding edge ahead of the rest... When everyone else was still using for many years afterwards 256k x 1's in a DIP package that literally took 64 chips to populate up to 2MB of external BUS based RAM we were using 256k x 4's in a ZIP (vertical mounted chip with the all leads coming off of one edge which was basically the bottom of the chip... in a ZIG ZAG configuration.... it only took 16 chips to make 2MB and we paid anywhere from $35 .ea in the beginning and about $7-$10 each in the end of their lifecycle... which made the power consumption so much lower and the reliability higher and the price literally $299 when everyone else was RETAIL pricing at $499-$599....(Microbotics... etc...)


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