Futurevision 4MB
 connects to: CPU Socket
PCB front
PCB back
PCB schematics
Hi Res version, PCB front
- 4253 x 2216, 1,133K
Hi Res version, PCB back
- 4115 x 2135, 1,071K
Hi Res version, PCB schematics
- 3301 x 2420, 587K
Hi Res Version
- 1044 x 537, 104K


Max Ram: 4MB. 1 – 4 Mb (for 4mb you have to do some mods on the card)
Ram Type: DRAM Chips
Ram Chips 41256 256 kBit X 1 120 nSec.
FPU: Unknown
RTC: Yes
Connection: A1000 CPU Socket

The default configuration was supplied fully populated with 1MB of RAM. These chips have to be replaced in order to use 4MB. Manufactured by Michael Kroning, Paderborn Germany


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