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A600, German
Brazilian A600 with HD/80 sticker
Rear of A600
A600 Rev 1.1 Motherboard
Hi Res Version, A600, German
- 4288 x 2848, 904K
Image of A600, UK
- 1872 x 1056, 136K
Hi Res Version, Rear of A600
- 2592 x 1485, 485K
Image of power supply
- 2364 x 1905, 638K
Image of Box
- 1653 x 1944, 687K
A600 Rev 1.3 Motherboard
- 1654 x 1034, 233K
A600 Rev 1.5 Motherboard
- 2337 x 1458, 878K
A600 Rev 2B Motherboard, Front
- 2565 x 1611, 1,114K
A600 Rev 2B Motherboard, Back
- 2463 x 1581, 966K
A600 Rev 2D Motherboard
- 2331 x 1434, 930K

Standard Specifications


Case Type: Computer in a keyboard
Processor: 68000@7.14Mhz
MMU: None
FPU: None
Chipset: ECS
Kickstarts: V2.05
Expansion Slots: 1 x 40pin Trapdoor Slot
1 x PCMCIA Slot (Type II)
Standard CHIP RAM: 1MB
RAM sockets: None
Hard Drive Controllers: 1 x 2.5" IDE Controller (unbuffered)
Drive Bays: 1 x Custom Internal Floppy Drive Bay
1 x 2.5" Hard Drive Cradle
Expansion Ports: 1 x 25pin Serial
1 x 25pin Parallel
1 x 23pin RGB Video
1 x 23pin External Floppy
2 x 9pin Joystick/Mouse
2 x RCA Audio (Left/Right)
1 x RF Connector
Floppy Drive: 1 x Internal 880K Drive
Motherboard Revisions: Rev 1.0 (Extra chip below gayle (CBM 391287-01) and is labelled A300)
Rev 1.1
Rev 1.3
Rev 1.5
Rev 2B
Rev 2D (1/4" shorter than Rev 1.0)
Battery Backed Up Clock: No

The A600 is an odd Amiga which is somewhere between an A500+ and an A1200, but never gained the popularity of either. The A600 looks like a shortened version of the A1200, because it does not have a keypad like almost every other Amiga. Very early versions of Kickstart 2.05, such as V37.299 are actually missing scsi.device from ROM, so despite having an IDE controller on the motherboard you cannot actually use it unless you upgrade the Kickstart chip. At least Kickstart 2.05 (V37.350) is recommended if you wish to use hard drives in an A600.

You may have noticed the 'PCI' branding in some of the photos, 'PCI Componentes da Amazonia S/A' was an authorised distributor in Brazil of Commodore Electronics USA. For additional information please see this image.

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