Front of A2300/A2301
Rear of A2300/A2301
Picture of the Y/C version
Front of Amiga Desktop Video Master
Rear of Amiga Desktop Video Master
Inside Amiga Desktop Video Master
Front of the Home Video Kit
Rear of the Home Video Kit
The A2300 and A2301 is the original Commodore genlock which plugs into the video slot. The A2300 is the NTSC version whilst the A2301 is the PAL version. They contain a 23pin monitor connector and two RCA connectors for Video In and Out. The Home Video Kit and the Amiga Desktop Video Master are simply A2300/A2301 cards mounted in an external case which is then connected to the Amiga's 23pin video port. The different external versions are probably just a product of Commodore marketing more or less the same thing in different countries. The Home Video Kit was probably sold mainly in France (perhaps also Canada) whilst the Home Video Kit was largely sold in German speaking countries.
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