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Inside draco
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The Kasmin is a 24bit framebuffer with an intergrated RGB video dititizer which is driven by a 25Mhz T800 transputer. It is capable of storing 2 full PAL frames (768 x 576) in memory and supports KasminPaint and TVPaint. The Kasmin was developed around the same time as the Harlequin and share a lot in development. It makes use of the "grafexa.library" which allows cards to share a common software interface. One such card was used by Team 4 Video in London where it was used with an A3000 and TVPaint. Only six of these cards were ever made, one of which is no longer functional*.

* In 2010 Amybay user salaxi45 bougth the sixth non-working card, and repaired it to a working condition. Read the entire repair thread here.


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