AMAS (Advanced MIDI Amiga Sampler)
 connects to: Serial Port, Parallel Port
AMAS and accessories
Front of AMAS
Side of AMAS
AMAS connectors
Hi Res Version, Front of AMAS
- 1698 x 1304, 319K
Hi Res Version, Side of AMAS
- 1834 x 790, 178K
Image of AMAS Box, Front
- 1500 x 1800, 311K
Image of AMAS Box, Back
- 1500 x 1800, 551K
The AMAS is a combined MIDI device and 8bit stereo sound sampler. It has 1 x MIDI Thru, 1 x MIDI In and 1xMIDI Out as well as two line in sockets and a microphone socket.
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