8Mhz DIP Component
8Mhz DIP Component. One of the first series, manufactured circa 1979
8Mhz DIP Component. Clone manufactured by Signetics
8Mhz DIP Component. Clone manufactured by Hitachi
10Mhz DIP Component. Manufactured around 1983
10Mhz DIP Component. Clone manufactured by Rockwell
12Mhz PGA Component
Voltage: 5V (other versions may have been made to support different voltages)
Data Bus: 16bit
Address Bus: 24bit
Cache: None
MMU: None
FPU: None
Transistors: 68,000

Available in MHZ
16.00 (May only be HCMOS version)
20.00 (May only be HCMOS version)
28.00 (May only be HCMOS version)

Please note that processor speeds above 16Mhz may actually be the 68HC000 component, which is the 68000 manufactured in HCMOS to allow higher clock speeds. This processor has been used in a huge amount of Amiga models including the very first A1000 right up to the last model to use it, the A600. Although primarily the 8Mhz component was used, higher rate 68000s have been used on several accelerators. The MC68000 does not support an external MMU, or FPU.

The MC68000 was cloned by several manufacturers and these clones can often be found in Amiga's. Processor clones were even installed at the factory. Hitachi and Signetics processors in particular were used instead of Motorola, but Rockwell clones may also have been used.

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