Please check the list of Amiga rework services offered below.

Recapping Amiga boards is a MUST, and not an option. It's seen on many boards that leaking capacitors have damaged the PCB copper tracks (check pictures below), causing difficult and expensive repairs. It's not a question of whether the capacitors are functioning or not, recapping is a PREVENTIVE measure. Electrolyte is a translucent liquid and can't be spotted (the damage is under the capacitor - hidden), until it's too late. It can damage the IDE port, tracks, surrounding components, especially in the audio area. The cost to recap is MUCH lower than the cost of repairs. The endangered species are: A3640 CPU cards, A4000D, A4000T and its' port modules, A1200, CD32 and A600. Old barrel batteries should be removed from any models ASAP.

There are several places that offer recap services, BUT what I guarantee is that you get absolutely correct, professional quality, IPC production level work. I've seen many recap jobs where connectors, pads and components are burned or badly soldered, this does NOT happen with boards I work on. I use professional tools and supplies, and brand capacitors (Panasonic, Nippon Chemicon, Rubycon etc)

  • A4000D 4000T capacitor replacement service
  • A1200/A600 capacitor replacement service
  • Blizzard 1240 -> 1260 upgrade and cooling check, fan speed control
  • Cyberstorm MK II 68040->68060 CPU upgrade
  • A4000D new RAM sockets with metal clips (if RAM modules don't stay in their socket)
  • A4000D PIO2 upgrade (~30% IDE speed increase)
  • A3640, A3630 cpu board capacitor replacement service + polarity fix
  • A3640 cpu board upgrade to Rev 3.2 with socketed GALs
  • A4000 FDD read/write problems CIA replacement, new chips + socket
  • A4000 Buster 7 or 9 upgrade to Super Buster 11
  • A4000 KS ROM 3.1 upgrade
  • A4000 IDE/FDD port repair
  • A4000 Audio circuit repair
  • A4000 battery swap to professional Lithium coin cell kit (will never leak)
  • A4000 battery removal and clean-up, (free with any other service IF there is no damage)
  • A1200/A600 IDE and FDD port replacement service
  • A1200 accelerators RAM socket replacement, cooling check, fan speed control
  • Track repairs IF the damage is clearly due to damaged tracks/lifted pads.

Use the contact form below. Boards are delivered to/shipped from Denmark. You can also follow my work at

Video of how I do recaps:

An example of damage caused by leaked capacitors:

After removal, clean-up and replacement of new capacitors:

SIMM socket, CPU removal: